Three of our Environmental Monitors, namely Christinah, Regernt and Brendan, who are based in the community, started their internship at Umbabat during the July 2019 school holidays.  

Various skills programmes were organised by various members: 

  • Lindsey Jones: how to research, lesson planning, PowerPoint, and presentation skills. 
  • Motswari Private Nature Reserve: tracking skills and game drive 
  • Ingwelala: kindly did most of the administration of the Internship programme and their team provided various opportunities to learn new skills. These included: solar panel assessment, alien vegetation removal, birding, building gabions, erosion control, housekeeping, managing reception, shop keeping, teaching the children in the staff village about the environment, working at the filling station, and so much more. 
  • Noctuam: our counter-poaching unit allowed them to accompany them on a patrol. 
  • Elephants Alive: Showed them how they record data and track Elephants within the reserve
  • Bryan Havemann (Warden): Took them to recover the tusks and skull of an Elephant that had died in order to age the animal.
  • Kevin Evans: as one of the landowners Kevin was able to take them on a private game drive on his farm within the Umbabat. 

The internship also included an unexpected surprise: a brand new laptop and software was donated by a member of Umbabat. This is an essential tool for their skills development! Thank you! 

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