The report of an injured White Rhino on Ingwelala came through to the Warden on the morning of Sunday, 8 July 2018.

It was initially thought that the Rhino had been shot as it was struggling to get up. On closer inspection, it was found that there was a┬álarge gash on the upper front right-hand side of the body. The decision was taken to call the vet, Dr. Peter Rogers who, after darting the Rhino, ascertained that the animal had been gored by an Elephant. The tusk had entered the rhino’s lung, the second such injury observed by Peter Rogers that month. Once the wound had been cleaned and stitched and other medicine administered, the Rhino was woken up and it was just a matter of hoping it would recover after the intervention.

Unfortunately, at 19:00 that evening reports came in that the Rhino had died and the following morning two large male lions had to be chased off the carcass. The horns were removed and sent away to an undisclosed location for safe-keeping and registration.

Thank you to all the vigilant members of Ingwelala who reported the Rhino and those who assisted the vet.

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