Camera Traps 

We are looking to raise R387,000 for the very latest generation camera traps (Cuddeback Xchange Color) in the Reserve which will be used for research purposes. Five have already been donated by the supplier, along with him giving us a huge discount. The primary research will be on Predators and enable us to have a clear understanding of their range and territories, whilst also enabling us to create comprehensive identification kits for each animal. 

If you wish to support this initiative please click here to donate now with the reference “camera traps”. Each camera costs R5,800 including battery packs and SD Cards. 

Vehicle Sponsorship 

Currently we are looking to expand our projects and bring children from the community into the Reserve in order to enhance their environmental knowledge. To do so we need a vehicle and operational costs to be covered (fuel, services, insurance, etc.). 

One can only teach so much from books and pictures, but to understand the real size of an Elephant by seeing it in person has a far greater impact. Help us give the children that opportunity! 

When the vehicle is not in use for the bush school researchers, film crews and so forth will make use of it.

We are looking to raise $40,000! Can you help us do it?  Donate now with the reference “Vehicle”.  

Educational Resources

Poverty, as a result of a poor education, a lack of jobs and poor economic growth, is one of the key drivers of future criminality. At Umbabat we believe that educating children about the importance of conservation to the biodiversity of the landscape and dispelling myths about animals (e.g. witch craft) is essential. 

In order for our Environmental Monitors to enhance their ability to teach the children they require additional resources. They include: 

  • Projector and screen (used to show educational video’s and conduct their classes)
  • Foundation Phase books and toys
  • Secondary Phase books and toys
  • Art supplies (paint, glue, etc.)
  • Old/New Nature-based magazines
  • Educational Posters (Grade R-7)
  • Educational DVD’s (Grade R-7)
  • Subscriptions to wildlife magazines (e.g. WESSA Enviro-kids)

These items can be dropped off at Umbabat for the Outreach Team to collect. Alternatively you can contact Lindsey Jones for more information or Donate now with the reference “Education” and we will purchase the items.  

Access to Water

The 90L Hippo Water Roller helps community members and children not only prevent injury, but reduce the time spent daily collecting water.  

We aim to raise sufficient funds to buy 100 Hippo Water Rollers the most vulnerable and affected in Sigagula and Greenvalley villages in the Bushbuckridge Municipal Area. 

Estimated cost with delivery: R2,000 each. Any remaining funds will go towards additional Hippo Water Rollers should we get the delivery sponsored. 

Donate now  with the reference “Hippo Water Roller” and make a difference is their lives.