Mopane Pomegranate Rhigozum zambesiacum in flower for about 10 days during November.

Close up of the Mopane Pomegranate flowers.

African Wattle Peltophorum africanum in flower from November. 

Beautiful orange flowers of the Tricliceras longepedunculata growing on the road verges and disturbed areas.

Royal Paintbrush Scadoxus puniceus flowered after the rain on Ntsiri

Impala Lily

Purple Cluster-Leaf Terminalia prunoides flowering this month with characteristic smelly flowers

Purple Cluster-Leaf flowers and characteristic pods

Kudu Lily

Silver raisin bush Grewia monticola

Yellow mouse-whiskers Cleome angustifolia subsp. Petersiana

Sicklebush Dichrostachys cinerea

Leafy-flowered Morning Glory Ipomoea crassipes

Bitter Apple Solanum deleguense

Purple Vernonia

Bushveld Crossandra Crossandra greenstockii

Bushveld chincherinchee Ornithogatum seineri

Large fields of the Bushveld chincherinchee

Stand of prickly pear

Flowers of the prickly pear

Sac flower Holubia saccate

Grass Lilly Crinum graminicola

Grass Lilly Crinum graminicola with plum-sized red fruit

Flannel weed Sida cordifolia

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Blue Wandering Jew Commelina benghalensis

Wild Foxglove Sesanum trilobum (previously Ceratotheca triloba)

“Los my uit” is the Afrikaans name for Syncolostemon canescens

Devil’s Claw Harpagophytum procumbens

Bushveld Crotalaria Crotalaria laburnifolia also known as birdflower.

Dainty Pavonia Pavonia burchellii found growing in shady areas.

Small Honeysuckle Tree Turraea obtusifolia with its shiny dark green leaves often mistaken for wild jasmine.

Wild Cucumber Ceccinia rehmannii creeper flowers, a slender, perennial climber.

Yellow Commelina flower Commelina africana

From the Daisy family this is a Wing-stemmed daisy Calostephane divaricate

This plant with distinctive pods is Crotalaria schinzii.

A mauve flower of the Bush Violet Baleria obtuse

Mauve morning glory Ipomea crassipes.

Ruby Gnidia a delicate grouping of colours.