Leopard Identification Project (Albie Morkel: Ntsiri)

Rommel male

This handsome male caused quite a stir last year with his battles with Moses. Photo evidence of him 2 years ago on a kill close to Kings Camp, but since then moved our way. 

Seen at the Ntsiri Airstrip, Rivergate Rd, Airfield Pan, Mopane Dam, Warthog Dam, into Ingwelala. Very relaxed around vehicles


Moses Kupantsi male

Seems this well known male is back in charge. He was involved in a territorial battle with Rommel, and some thought he was pushed out, because he was badly injured and sightings of him became few and far between. 

Well that has changed and there’s photo proof of him all over the farm. Recently seen mating with a female on central fire break.

Scar nose female

Guides from neighboring lodges recognised her as one of Shongile’s daughters, according to them she was seen on Buffelsbed and Ingwelala, but was recently photographed with a kill at Airfield Pan, prominent black scar on the left side of her nose.

Diknek male

Very impressive male leopard. Very relaxed. Haven’t seen him for a while, but going on reports from members it seems he is still around. Not sure about his territory, but have seen him at Moses Dam, River Gate Rd, North Bank Rd, Nagapie Lane heading south into Ingwelala.

Blue eyes, female ( someone think of a name )

Big female leopard and very relaxed. She had a female cub in 2017, seen below. Walking on her own now, but still seen together sometimes (on a kill). 

She rules the central, eastern and northern parts of the property, Natural Pan, Nkonikoni Loop, Pafuri Loop, Umfuleni Rd, Windmill Rd, Kuku-waai-ya Crossing, sleeping platform, Eastfork Rd up to Nyari Dam, basically that whole area. Beautiful cat!

Blue eyes cub female

She wanders off on her own now. Suppose we will have to wait and see where she will end up, or maybe disappear. But still seen quite often in the area where she was kept hidden.

She made her own kill at the entrance of Kuku-waai-ya Crossing, and very recently in Jabula Crossing. Seen her on Hill Rd, Windmill Rd and Eastfork Rd. With her mother she was very relaxed, skittish on her own.

Farmhouse female

Some of the guides from the neighbouring lodges recognised her, she used to be known as the Voël Dam female in the Timbavati. We now see her around Farmhouse Plains, Farmhouse Rd, Farmhouse Dam, Earthworks Rd, Warthog Dam, Nagapie Lane, Baobab Boundary, where she crosses into Ndlopfu. Pretty sure she crosses over the tar road into Ingwelala as well. Very relaxed around vehicles. Looks quite old.

Marula female

She gets on the table at Marula Picnic Spot, most sightings of her in that area. She has also been seen crossing into Ndlopfu and Ntsheli out of that block, down to South River Drive, 22 Crossing, 34 Crossing, 9 Crossing, Buffalo Dam. Quite relaxed around vehicles during the day, but doesn’t enjoy a crowd.