The Associated Private Nature Reserves (APNR) conduct an annual aerial census in order to determine and keep record of the game populations within the Reserves. Each Reserve within the APNR is responsible for the payment of their own aerial census and they vary in duration depending on the size of the Reserve. However, all the APNR aerial censuses are conducted at the same time, with the helicopter moving from one Reserve to the next until all are complete. The aerial census usually takes place in the winter months when visibility from the air is better. The helicopter flies in a grid sequence over the shortest period of time with the purpose of counting all fauna in its sight. The data is then consolidated by Dr. Mike Peel and submitted to the respective Reserves, as well as to Scientific Services at the Kruger National Park. The data assists with, not only determining appropriate hunting allocations, but also with any related adjustments to the Reserves Annual Plan of Operations (APO). 

2019 Aerial Census

2018 Aerial Census